Owing to the Covid-19 virus epidemic Funeral Services are not allowed in the church, but may be offered at the graveside or the crematorium for immediate family only.
A memorial Mass may be offered as conditions improve at a later date.

Arrangements for a Funeral at St Ignatius Church are made through the Funeral Director selected by the family. The Director usually contacts the parish office so that the Parish Priest may agree the best day and time for the ceremony.  The Funeral Director also contacts the parish organist (Ann Carey) to check if she is available.

When a time has been agreed for the Service, the family will meet with the Priest to discuss the Order of Service and other details.

Orders of Service must be sent in advance of printing to the parish secretary to ensure there are no errors.
We ask that Requiem Mass Orders of Service should not contain requests or appeals for donations.


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Rebirth from the water and the Spirit


Source and summit of our lives


Covenant of love