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Our Parish offers Baptismal Preparation Courses to parents, who would like to baptise at St Ignatius an infant or a child up to 7 years of age.

Before the baptism you must:

  • Make an appointment to meet with the Parish Priest, Fr. Andrew Cameron-Mowat SJ. He will help you to complete the necessary form, and have an initial discussions about the best needs of the child and about the preparation course for the sacrament. Please phone Judy at the Parish office Monday to Thursday mornings to make this appointment. 020 8800 2121. At the interview, parent(s) will be registered for the Baptismal Course. Parent(s) who completed the course in the past may be exempted if it is less than 2 years since last attending the course.
  • take part in a pre-baptism course. The dates and time of the sessions will be arranged by our Lead Catechist, Elwira Pniewski, who will contact you in advance.
  • arrange a baptism date. See below.

At St Ignatius Parish, baptisms usually take place on the 2nd [at 3pm] and 4th [at the 11.30am Mass] Sunday of every month. In line with Church tradition we don’t have baptisms during Lent. Baptisms resume in the Easter period. This way, we highlight the meaning of Lent as a time of preparation for baptism. 

Sometimes baptisms may not be possible in the usual times as outlined above owing to other events taking place in the parish.

Required documents:

  • child’s birth certificate,
  • parents’ baptism certificates – you must have the certificate from at least one parent,
  • if both parents are baptised Catholics and have had the Sacrament of Matrimony, the Marriage certificate may be provided instead of the baptism certificate
  • Godparents’ certificate of baptism.  At least ONE godparent must have a certificate of Confirmation also
  • if a Godparent is a baptised Catholic who has had the Sacrament of Matrimony, the Marriage certificate may be provided instead of the certificate of baptism,
  • proof of being a practising Catholic provided by the church the person currently attends

Required documents

  • Child’s birth certificate
  • Parents’ baptism certificate
  • Godparents’ baptism and confirmation certificate
  • Godparents’ proof of being a practising Catholic


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